The Geudertheim Country Music
Alsatian Folk Dance Group
Musique Paysanne Groupe folklorique Geudertheim

Former photos

Former photos of the country music and alsatian folk dance group of Geudertheim in the last century.

Postcard published in 1904. This photography represents the imperial palace in front of which the country music played in front of the 1st Kaiser Guillaume, on September 14th, 1886. In award, the emperor offered a cup to the musiens which exists always today.

Strasbourg palais imperial

Postcard published in 1908-1909.

fete a Geuertheim

Both sides of a postcard published in 1909 for the international exhibition from the east of France in Nancy. It is about the first photography representing the alsatian folk group of Geudertheim. This photography was probably taken on June 27th, 1909, upon the arrival of the Alsatians at the station of Nancy.

groupe folklorique de Geudertheim 27 juin 1909 Carte postale

Postcard published in 1910-1911


Postcard published in 1910-1911


Series of postcards published in the 1930s. These photos taken to Geudertheim show the members of the country music and those of the folk group. We shall note the presence of the cup offered by the 1st Kaiser Guillaume in 1886 on the table, in front of the musicians.

centenaire-de-la-musique-paysanne-1936 centenaire-de-la-musique-paysanne-1936-1 centenaire-de-la-musique-paysanne-1936

centenaire-de-la-musique-paysanne-1936 centenaire-de-la-musique-paysanne-1936

Photography of Geoffroi ROSER (1884-1947) in Lille during easter 1936. This man was one of the former "maire" of the Geudertheim Country Music (from: GEUDERTHEIM, La mémoire du Passé, 1987, by Michel KNITTEL).


Photography of the folk group in 1950.

groupe-folklorique-1950 groupe-folklorique-1950

Postcard published in 1988. Some musicians are still present always today.


Postcard published in 1988. Some dancers are still present always today.


Photography of the peasant music and the folk group in 1997 to Geudertheim. Some dancers and musicians are still present always today.