The Geudertheim Country Music
Alsatian Folk Dance Group
Musique Paysanne Groupe folklorique Geudertheim


(Extract from the booklet "Musique paysanne et groupe folklorique de Geudertheim" and published in 1989, by Catherine HENCHES and Marc WOLFF, with pleasant collaboration of Alfred JUNG.)

Two families marked the society of music of Geudertheim:

The "ROSER" family, which held the presidency from 1836 to 1947 that is to say 111 years!
The "HENCHES" family , which is directors from 1922 to 1991.

"Dynasty of the ROSER...

The history of the music society begins in an extraordinary and heroic way. The first president was Jacques ROSER. Soldier of Napoleon I. He makes the Russian campaign and is arrested. Interned in a camp of Siberia, this great musician makes a violin which helps him to support the hard captivity. On the way back, Hungarians steal him his musical instrument.

In the 1845s, Jacques ROSER son, a talented musician also succeeds his father. After the war of 1870-1871, it is a nephew, Geoffroi ROSER, who relieves. It was an authoritarian leader and a great friend of the music and the folk song. To Geoffroi ROSER succeeds Geoffroi ROSER son, who will be a president from 1936 till 1947.

Charles ENTZMINGER takes over from 1947 till 1957, dates in which one Philippe SCHMITT, Mayor of the Municipality for 20 years, became a president until 1966. Claude MUHL succeeds him then for 5 years.

The current president Yves OHLMANN took over since November, 2000. that of the HENCHES "

So striking was, and is her still, the HENCHES family.

In the program of the winter holiday of the year 1884, we already find the name of a HENCHES. As the ROSER family, the HENCHES are thus present within the society of country music of Geudertheim for more than 125 years.

From 1922 till 1947, the manager of the music society was called Philippe HENCHES. From 1947 till 1970, succeeded him his son Philippe HENCHES. It is Charles HENCHES who is going to take care of the musical management of the group from 1970 till 1991 (year of its death).

Today, another 3 family members HENCH contribute to the smooth functioning of our association.René HENCH remains true to this "rule". He is currently responsible for our country music .

"A prestigious trophy "

On September 14th, 1886 were held in Strasbourg the festivities in honour of the Kaiser Wilhelm I which had come with personalities as Kronprinz (short-lived Frederic III ) with her wife, the princess Victoria of Saxe-Cobourg, Big Duke de Bade, Big Duke de Hesse, his wives, the general Feldmarschall, the Count Moltke. A parade of tributes of the countrymen took place on the bridge in front of the imperial palace under construction (today Palace of the Rhine, place de la Republique). It is the society of country music of Geudertheim, already considered for the time, that was in charge of making the musical accompaniment during the ceremony.

On November 6th 1886, the Municipal Council of Geudertheim received the visit of the "Kreisdirektor" (sub-prefect) Count Solms. He offered the commune to the name of the emperor a silver cup bearing the following inscription:

Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preusen
Gemeinde Geudertheim
September 1886

Translation :

Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia
the Municipality of Geudertheim
September 1886

On the cut made by the court jeweler Johann Wagner & Sohn of Berlin encrusted twelve silver Thalers representing each of sovereign portraits and other princes:

Two Preußen Siegestaler 1861,
Preußen Siegestaler 1861 Preußen Siegestaler 1861
Two Preußen Siegestaler 1866,
Preußen Siegestaler 1866 Preußen Siegestaler 1866
Two Württemberg Siegestaler 1871,
Württemberg Siegestaler 1871 Württemberg Siegestaler 1871
Two Bayern Siegestaler 1871
Bayern Siegestaler 1871 Bayern Siegestaler 1871
Two Sachsen Siegestaler 1871.
Sachsen Siegestaler 1871 Sachsen Siegestaler 1871
Two Sieges Thaler 1871.
Sieges Thaler 1871 Sieges Thaler 1871

Punch the court jeweler Johann Wagner & Sohn of Berlin with the degree of silvering of the cup.
Johann Wagner & Sohn Berlín

In a long speech, highlighted the Kreisdirektor particularly pleased that the emperor and his wife had had to hear the fanfare over Geudertheim Strasbourg show.

The mayor spokes on behalf of the city, the most ardent thanks for this favor had deigned to grant them the Kaiser.

The old Jacques SCHAECK, councilor, sent his personal cellar some bottles of Riesling "most exquisite" and the cup was thus filled by way of consecration.

The Count Solms drink the first to the health of the town, then passed the cup to the mayor, who then passed to the Council members, everyone took a sip.