The Geudertheim Country Music
Alsatian Folk Dance Group
Musique Paysanne Groupe folklorique Geudertheim

The Geudertheim Country Music

The Alsatian folk group of Geudertheim was born of the Geudertheim country music group and of the folk Dance group fusion. This characteristic allows the group to have his own musicians.

With its 183 years of existence, the Geudertheim country music society is one of more former, otherwise the most former music society of Alsace.

It was indeed created in 1836, but its history began well before this date. In 1832 already, music in the head, all the village welcomed, on the road of Hoerdt, the Baron p. RIELLE of SCHAUENBOURG, one of the major figures of the village.

The folk group of Geudertheim was created in the 1900s. It is in 1909 when the group makes its first official release in Nancy for the international exhibition from the east of France. This event was considerable in this period, because let us remind that Alsace and Moselle were still German.